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What is Windows Core operating system?

The Windows Core operating system hasn't been officially announced yet, but eagle-eyed trackers discovered this LinkedIn job description, with Microsoft looking to hire someone to develop it. Given that Windows 10 is its current OS, Windows Core OS clearly intends to replace it.
Instead of developing the same operating system four or five times, each with different components, Microsoft wanted to develop a single core operating system. It takes OneCore, has some shared code and develops this new operating system around it. With this, it will build new ecosystem, mentioned in the job description.
With a single facility, they can then prepare different versions with different features and settings much easier than in the case of Windows 10. It is also important to note that Windows 10 is a great deal. development of Windows NT was earlier, starting with Windows NT 3.1 back in 1993. Any old and unsupported code can be scanned with newer, more platform independent Windows Core.

How is it different from Windows 10?

Currently, Microsoft has several versions of Windows 10. They share some features, but you can't install Windows 10 for Xbox on a PC.
There are also new types of technologies to think about: new mobile devices, newer formats, different sizes, and new platforms. The CPU architecture, for example, requires different versions with the same core interface.
To streamline the process, the Windows Core operating system (stealing AndromedaOS 'in previous leaks) will make this even simpler. Any additional information about the differences between Windows 10 and Windows Core OS will come with a leak or through official announcements from Microsoft, in the near future. What we can speculate is, C-Shell. The shared look for Windows devices has been developed for Windows 10, which will play an important part in the Windows Core OS ecosystem. The Polaris plot, another leaked project codename, will be built on top of C-Shell to provide a common look and feel on all Windows Core OS devices.

When will Windows Core be released?

Don't expect Windows Core OS to hit your devices in the near future. The Microsoft Core operating system hasn't been made public yet, with information scanned from job posts and profiles. You can expect an initial release of Windows Core OS to take place one to two years after the official announcement. For example, Windows 10 was announced in the fall of 2014 and then released in summer 2015. Windows 8, before that, was announced in early 2011 with its first release in the summer of 2012. None Windows 10 support is coming to an end soon. Microsoft releases new versions every spring and fall, and it's likely that Microsoft will continue to develop new features and support for its current operating system over the next few years.

The future of Windows

Windows Core OS is the next evolution of Microsoft's central strategy for one platform, many devices. Windows 10 is the first stage, but Windows Core OS will streamline the process. This is still an internal project from Microsoft, so it's safe to assume it's still a few years away. You can try out Linux for another desktop experience in average time.